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    Jay Mante Story

    October 10, 2011 by Jayvdale

    Jay Mante was registered in March 2009 due to his first appearance

    Jay Mante started playing Ninja Saga on April 2009 until May 2011

    Then Jay Mante plays a FarmTown and Farmville on May 2009 until March 2011

    In 2010, Jay Mante started playing my favorite games

    • The Warlords
    • Dawn of the Dragons
    • Ninja Saga
    • Farmville
    • Farm Town
    • Verdonia

    In 2011, Jay Mante started playing another favorite games

    • Dynasty Saga
    • Miscrit
    • Monster Galaxy
    • MapleStory Adventures
    • Dragon Age Legends
    • Legacy of Thousand Suns
    • Clash of the Dragons

    In 2012, Jay Mante started playing another favorite game

    • CastleVille
    • Heaven's Chronicles
    • Warrior's Saga

    My Birthday:

    Jay Mante was really birthdated on November 3, 1994. I was born in Tagum Doctor's Hospital in Phillipines in 17 years later Jayvees ongoing t…

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